Basic Life Insurance and AD&D: Employer Paid

e Bishop’s School automatically provides you with basic life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage of $50,000.

Basic AD&D pays you or your beneficiary a benefit for the loss of your life or other injuries resulting from a covered accident. Basic AD&D benefits are paid regardless of other coverages you may have. If you are terminally ill, you are eligible for a partial payment of your group term life insurance benefit. You can use this payment as you see fit. The remaining balance of your coverage will be paid to your beneficiary based on the plan benefits. 

Please ensure that you have declared beneficiaries at all times. 

Coverage ends upon your termination of employment or as specified in the plan booklet. Upon leaving the Bishop’s School, you may be able to convert your life insurance to an individual life insurance policy but you must act within 30 days to do so. If interested in insurance portability information, please reach out to