Long Term Care

Long term care insurance may help you avoid a far more difficult decision: whether to exhaust your savings or liquidate your assets to pay for a period of long term care. This policy may help you prepare for the financial realities and help you maintain control of some important decisions, such as:

  • Who would take care of me?
  • Where can I choose to receive care?
  • Would I be a burden on my children if my savings couldn’t cover my care?

What is long term care? Whether it is due to an accident or a serious illness, it is the type of care you may need if you are unable to independently perform the basic activities of daily living; bathing, dressing, using the toilet, transferring from one location to another, continence and eating, or if you suffered severe cognitive impairment from a condition such as Alzheimer’s disease. 

Won’t my other insurance pay for long term care? Unfortunately, no. Medical insurance and Medicare are designed to pay for specific care for acute conditions – not for long term help with daily living. Medicaid only helps with LTC after you have depleted virtually all of your assets. The exact amount varies by state. The School offers eligible employees access to Long Term Care Benefits via a Trustmark Universal Life Events Insurance.

Here is how it works? You can collect 4% of your Universal Life Events death benefit per month for up to 25 months to help pay for long-term care services.

Flexible features available: Plus, if you collect a benefit for LTC, your full death benefit is still available for your beneficiaries, as much as doubling your benefit.

How do I enroll?

If interested in enrolling or learning more about LTC through Trustmark, we recommend contacting Human Resources. 

Trustmark Long Term Care enrollment site and enrollment instructions