The Bishop’s School Defined Contribution Retirement Plan TBS participates in the TIAA defined contribution 403(b) retirement plan. Employees choose how to invest their contributions. For eligible employees, the School will contribute a minimum of 3% of total compensation (as defined by the Plan) and will match up to 5% of voluntary contributions made by the employee. Funds have immediate vesting. Eligible employees over the age of 18 are eligible to make voluntary pre-tax and post-tax contributions from the date of hire. You can contribute any amount up to the IRS annual limit. Employees age 50 and above may contribute additional ‘catch-up’ contributions per IRS annual limitations.

Bishop’s offers its employees with a free benefit – a complete and free Financial Wellness Program. We chose an independent, conflict-free financial advisory program – The Palancar Group, a subsidiary firm of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Our financial advisors can deliver free financial retirement plan advice.

If you wish for additional assistance understanding your investment options or better financial planning for you and your family. You can individually reach out to Sean or Ed below to arrange a Zoom meeting at your convenience:

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