Pets on Campus

The School strives to be sensitive to employees’ needs regarding their pets (i.e., domesticated (dogs), understanding that we have a campus that includes mixed-use buildings, office buildings, and classroom environments. The School understands the many health and stress-relieving attributes of having pets, but also recognizes that some individuals may have allergies or fears when it comes to domestic animals. With the exception of dogs, pets, or other animals are not allowed on campus.

Don’t forget to fill out the Dogs on Campus Waiver.

Pet Insurance

The Bishop’s School believes that pets are family too. The school provides discounted ‘medical’ insurance for your pet, whether canine or feline. Each pet enrolled receives a lifetime discount and other great coverage perks. 

If interested, you may enroll at PetsBest (or call 888-984-8700) and reference their referral/discount code: BISHOPSPETS. You can choose from different plans with individually chosen levels of annual deductible options and reimbursement percentage options.